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ESOL Grammar 2 (Pre-Intermediate Grammar) This class focuses on development of grammar skills at the pre-intermediate level of English acquisition. Students will learn grammar attack skills and sentence structure development. By the completion of this course, students will be able to: Compose grammatically correct sentences utilizing pre-intermediate structures of English in writing; Use grammatically correct language utilizing pre-intermediate structures of English in speech; Recognize pre-intermediate structures of English grammar in text and speech; and identify and correct errors in student writing. Requirements for the class include the following: • Required Textbook: Grammar Sense 2 Second Edition by Cheryl Pavlic. This can be purchased in the Skyline College bookstore. • English/English dictionary (Longman is a good brand) • Letter size (8½ x 11”) paper, not smaller • Folder or binder to keep your work and handouts • Notebook for your class notes • pen/pencil/eraser/4-5 color highlighters (please do not use correction fluid/tape on your papers)
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